Blogs I Like

I’ve never been one to religiously keep up with blogs because I didn’t have time to read them all. I’d start out with a long list of blogs to follow, get overwhelmed quickly and start dropping blogs one at a time until I had dropped them all and moved on.

Recently I’ve found more time in my day and have started checking out a few blogs. As I get to know them more, I’ll edit this to include a little blurb about each blog so you know what it’s about and whether it’s something you’d like to look into further. You can easily follow along with these writers by opening a account and adding them to your wordpress reader.

Here is a list of blogs (in no particular order) I feel are noteworthy as of today. This list will be updated as I find new blogs to love.

Becoming Minimalist <– This guy. His blog is great. It encompasses all realms of minimalism from personal belongings to mental attitude. He’s one every reader can look to for deep insights and unconventional ideas.
The Minimalists <– These guys gave me my start to minimalism. When I started researching, they were the first Google hit I found. They started out in the corporate world making six figures each, but some life blows showed them what really matters. They started reducing their possessions and their consumer consumption and downsized their lives. They offer great insights and valuable advice, and have a very large following.
A Minimalist Abroad <– this guy is quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers. I just discovered him a couple of days ago, but I’m quickly entranced by his writing. He’s a blogger who transplanted to Finland with his wife who teaches and attends graduate school. He’s got two books published and a very extensive blog. He’s very worth the read. 
<– I haven’t read a whole lot of this blog but what I have read, I have liked. Who needs home organization ideas from a minimalist? I do! I do!
Exile Lifestyle <– Wanna travel the world with only 51 possessions and a family? Yeah, I don’t see that working for us either, but it works well for this family. Check out their adventures here.
Minimal Millennial
The Minimalist Mom
Mr. Money Mustache
Miss Minimalist
Zen Habits
Slow Your Home


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