Hi. I’m Jenn. And I used to be chronically busy. Like, always super busy. And it made me perform poorly at just about everything I attempted. I was a poor housekeeper. I was a poor employee. I was a poor wife. I was a poor mother. I didn’t have time to pursue my favorite hobbies. I didn’t have time (or energy) to read leisurely. And it always bothered me beyond measure. Naturally. Every woman strives to be her best and do it all, right? Something had to give and I found my way.

I’m a married working mom of two kids (three if you count my husband). My kids play sports. My husband has a racing hobby. I work full-time an hour away from home doing a job I love. My hobbies include gardening, running and weight lifting, and I aspire to be a homesteader. I’m really no busier than most moms, but it certainly felt like I was busier.

I was an anxious, depressed, distracted, angry disaster. But that’s all changed when I discovered the Konmari method of decluttering in February. Shortly thereafter, I discovered minimalism and realized that I’ve always been a minimalist but didn’t know it. I believe this is why any amount of clutter or mess makes me anxious and overwhelmed very quickly. Clutter was my trigger!

Since becoming a “Konmari Graduate”, my house is presentable in minutes, not hours. My house feels light and airy, not weighed down and stuffy. It feels amazing to come home after a long day at work knowing I don’t have a night full of additional work to do. Life at home feels good now. Like, really, really good. And I have found so many more hours in each day to pursue things I actually want to do – like reading.

This purpose of Life Less Consumed is to share with you how the Konmari Method has changed our lives and to discuss our transition to a minimalist lifestyle – one where we replace physical clutter, mental clutter, time clutter, audible and visual clutter, and emotional clutter with anything and everything that brings us true joy. Life Less Consumed is about being less consumed by obligations and things, and overjoyed by the freedom to purse the life we wish to experience. We don’t desire stark whiteness or a complete void of possessions, nor do we wish to have a blank calendar – we simply desire to be surrounded only by items that make us smile and doing things that make us feel truly happy. In a society obsessed with excess belongings, overwhelming time commitments and exorbitant consumerism, we wish to be different. We wish to live a life less consumed.


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