A Year Later – Where are We Now?

It was just about a year ago that I completed the Konmari transformation on my house. I figure I owe you a follow-up. Did I stick with it? Is my house still tidy? Does everything still spark joy?

In a word, yes, with life tossed in.

Like anyone else, we have two young kids and we live a pretty busy life: sports, camping, work, school, etc. Since completing the Konmari process, on any given day, you can walk into our house and it’s pretty decent. There might be a stray toy or two laying about, a dirty dish someone didn’t set in the sink, or I may have decided to skip cleaning the kitchen or folding the laundry the night before, but for the most part, our house is still pretty decent. I wouldn’t want to take pictures and post them, but I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have you pop by on a visit. And that’s what I was going for. I wasn’t going for showroom perfect; I was going for relaxed tidy.

My kids are able to straighten their rooms in a few minutes, and I can straighten and clean the house in a couple of hours (depending on whether or not you want the floors mopped), so I consider that Mission: Compete.

Now that we’ve decluttered and maintained the house for a year, I’m looking more seriously at redecorating the house. I’ve already primed the walls in the master bedroom and replaced the bedding. My next task is to paint the walls, but in my heart, I also want to paint the trim and doors white (and replace the flat panel doors with raised panel doors for more texture), and once I do that in the bedroom, I have to do it throughout the whole house to make it cohesive, which will prompt replacing the floors (from carpet to hardwood), then painting the cabinets, and replacing the counters. I also want to stain/paint the two decks outside and redo the landscaping.

My design style would be a cross between rustic/casual/western/modern farmhouse. I love contrasting colors (black against white, grey against white with pops of red or yellow) and I love old unfinished wood. Straight lines and contrasting textures. I love barn doors on rail systems and old, black wire baskets. I love the texture of corrugated tin and old, weathered ladders. I have a vision in my head for how I want our house to feel. I love bright and airy and old and weathered, but modern and smooth. I want the atmosphere in our home to encourage visitors to kick back and put up their feet on the coffee table.

My husband and I have been daydreaming about moving outside of our little city onto a small acreage, but we want isn’t available presently. For the time being, we’re desperately working on reducing the debts we owe, which ties up almost all of our extra money, so remodels remain on hold. It’s a good thing Christmas is coming! Maybe I’ll ask for paint and rollers and sheets of corrugated tin. It might take a decade’s worth of Christmases to achieve it, but I’ll have it, and when I find that perfect house with that perfect acreage, I’ll take it all with me and start again. 🙂