Making the Tough Decisions

I fell in love with the idea of minimalism when I discovered the Konmari method of decluttering a few months ago. I’ve been minimalizing everything – personal belongings, obligations, the apps on my phone, the people I interact with, my to-do list, my daily planner, etc, etc, etc.

I have my own idea of what minimalism is, but I felt like I needed to do more research on the topic before I could truly call myself a minimalist. So I did what every true red-blooded American does when they want more information: I turned to Google for my answers. I did a generic search for minimalism and came across a lot of blogs and Pinterest pins.

The search result that resonated with me the most was The Minimalists. What a perfect name. So simple and precise. I checked it out and was instantly in love. I’ve done much perusing on their site since finding them. Their blog was what inspired me to start this blog (it helps that they have a blog about starting a blog). I’ve always had a knack for writing really long Facebook posts. I read somewhere that if a post is longer than one paragraph, it should probably be a blog post. So, why not…

Anyway, I was over there today reading up on their transition to their minimalist lifestyle and one particular post really struck a chord with me, so I wanted to share it with you all. It’s about making decisions. It fit so many areas of my current life. I struggle with decisions a lot. Especially decisions that are potentially life changing, but not majorly important in the here and now – like what to have for lunch when temptation strikes.

As I read this post, I thought of all the “shoulds” that I  need to turn into “musts” and will be compiling my own list of musts. Some of the things I thought of were eating better, intentionally moving my body, dropping excuses for not making changes, etc. As hard as it will be, I will be creating my own list of “musts” in my journal. I may or may not post that list publicly later on. I think right now it’s important for me to make the list and really sit with the emotions that come with acknowledging the need for change. I encourage you to do the same. Change is hard; deciding to change is even harder, but we’re all adults here. If we don’t take charge of our lives, who will?

Without any further ado, The Minimalists, their 21-Day Journey into Minimalism and How to Make a Damn Decision.

Today is the best day of your life, because today is the day everything changes: Today is the day your shoulds turn into musts. Today is the day you decide to take action. Today is the first day of the rest of your new, simplified life.

What kind of changes do you dream of making? Will you be creating a “musts” list? Will you take the first step in changing your life to one you’ve only dreamt of before?


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