Hi. I’m Jenn. And I used to be chronically busy. Like, always super busy. And it made me perform poorly at just about everything I attempted. I was a poor housekeeper. I was a poor employee. I was a poor wife. I was a poor mother. I didn’t have time to scrapbook. I didn’t have time (or energy) to read leisurely. And it always bothered me beyond measure. Naturally. Every woman strives to be her best, right?

I’m a married working mom of two kids (three if you count the 33 year old). My kids play sports. My husband has a racing hobby. I work full-time an hour away from home doing a job I love. I’m really no busier than most moms, but it certainly felt like I was busier. Everywhere I looked, there were images and articles of moms doing it all: painting, hiking, swimming, riding bikes, or otherwise playing with their kids, trying all these great new recipes they’d had the time to find online, spotless houses and perfectly smooth clothing. All the while, I was incessantly busy trying to keep up. I never felt like I had time to play with my kids. If I did, something else had to take a back seat. Who needs folded laundry or a cupboard full of clean dishes as long as there were enough for dinner? All the “You’re doing so well, Mom” posts on the interwebz said that happy kids live in houses with dirty floors and wear wrinkled clothes. I felt like I was doing enough to be socially acceptable (I mean, no one has a clean house, right? That’s what all these mom blogs said) but not doing enough at the same time. My house was a disaster, but my kids were fed, bathed and clothed. Except… *I* wasn’t happy. And I’m pretty sure no one else was either.

I dreamed of the day that my house would be tidy and clean. I dreamed of the day that my kids and I would be able to visit grandparents and not have to rush home to make sure the house wasn’t going to result in a DHS inspection. I dreamed of the day I could take pictures of my kids doing crazy kid things without having to edit out a mess or keep the picture all to myself because I was embarrassed by what our house looked like. I dreamed of the day that I wouldn’t have to spend an entire DAY prepping to sweep, mop and vacuum the floor. I firmly believed that day would be the day my kids moved out of the house. I pined for the day that someone could knock on the door and be welcomed into our presentable house and I wouldn’t have to apologize for the mess.

I was an anxious, depressed, distracted, angry disaster. But that’s all changed. My house is presentable in minutes, not hours. My house feels light and airy, not weighed down and stuffy. It feels amazing to come home after a long day at work knowing I don’t have a night full of additional work to do. Life at home feels good now. Like, really, really good.

This blog will explain how it all changed – how I stumbled upon my solution and what a profound change it has made in our lives. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in on a comfy couch while I tell the story of how I went from frazzled and unhappy to joyful, at peace, and relaxed, with time to do the things I love to do – like visit the farm, go for bike rides, and simply enjoy my life. It’s been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to share it with you all.


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